Oddfellows created this piece explaining how Google's Password Manager works.
The overall story is easy to follow and intuitive. Though the subjects of this video are abstract shapes, it's easy to identify the meaning of each shape and the role it plays. 
From my observations, most 2D explainer videos rely heavily on shots that are center framed. It appears that center framing is not exclusive to 2D work, as this video has several hero shots in which the subjects are front and center. The color palette works with the voiceover to illustrate the overall message, creating a visual language that almost allows the viewer to understand what's going on without audio.
Here are some of my favorite moments:
This transition from an establishing moment to a shot that furthers the narrative is interesting. The seamless camera move followed by a match cut is top notch.
I like the subtle show of weight that the balls have as they settle into their holes.
Google blocks password attacks. Ha.
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