This was published in the Fall of 2020 while the world was still in the thick of a pandemic. Although the large light in the sky is ambiguous, I think it communicates the dual concept of global catastrophe and global hope. 
The background of each scene is breathtaking. The sheer diversity of set pieces is impressive, especially when each one has so much detail. 
I've picked out some of my favorite moments below:
The water here is really great. But the biggest draw from this shot is the anticipation move. The woman's eyes look up, then her whole body moves.
Great anticipation that tells a story.
There are so many things to like about these shots. The smoke is wispy but also possesses the right amount of mass. The light coming in through the stained glass is powerful. The object swinging hangs for just long enough to make you hold your breath.
The small detail of the headscarf moving in the wind is a subtle detail that makes a huge difference.
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