This is my entry for the 2022 LG Wonderbox competition. My wife, Ashley West was involved in the creative direction of this piece. She created the preliminary sketches and color palette. I did all of the animation and CG work, including lighting, texturing, rendering, compositing, and animation. Cinema 4D and Redshift.
We got first place in the LG Wonderbox competition and got to see our work in Times Square! It ran on the LG billboard until early 2023, or you can see it below:
I started with a mockup of the billboard screen and set up the right camera angle. This gave me an idea of the area I would be working on.
I saw the area that the screen would be as my "safe zone," so anything that came into that field of view would be in the final video.
Once I finished animating everything, I rendered the video and then camera mapped it back onto the geometry to make sure it was warping correctly.
From there, I UV unwrapped the projected video texture on the geometry and exported the final warped video.
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